Make games quick.

Flambe is a 2D game engine that makes cross-platform development actually fun. Spend less time dealing with platform-specific bugs, and more time building great games.

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Fully Cross Platform

Take your game to HTML5, Flash, iOS, and Android with zero changes. Run on all modern desktop and mobile web browsers. Build native apps with the popular Adobe AIR.

Haxe Powered

Write games in Haxe, an open source, AS3-like language with expressive features and a fast compiler.

Iterate Quickly

Tweak assets and immediately see the changes in the running game, with no restart. Perform full rebuilds in under a second.

Powerful Asset Loading

Automatically handle all platform-specific formats and quirks. Lazily load different asset directories on demand, with zero configuration.

Batteries Included

Full support for the other tools needed to make great games. Import Flash animations, particle effects, bitmap fonts, using tools like Flump, Particle Designer, and Glyph Designer.

Fast Graphics

At the core of Flambe is a lightning fast renderer implemented in WebGL, Canvas, and Stage3D.

Designed For Games

Flambe's minimal and elegant API is designed for cross-platform 2D games, and is not a port. This tightly defined scope allows for better performance, fewer bugs, and greater ease of use.

Free and Open Source

Flambe is MIT licensed and available for free. The source code is well documented, with a suite of unit and integration tests. Contributions are encouraged!